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Lisa Gautier

President and Co-founder, Matter of Trust

Lisa Craig Gautier is the President and a member of the Board of Directors for Matter of Trust, which Lisa and her husband Patrice Gautier co-founded in 1998. Matter of Trust is an ecological nonprofit that concentrates on ecological progress and the environment we DO want to see in the future. The organization’s many programs work in integrated cycles, mimicking Mother Nature, highlighting natural abundance in equilibrium, and integrating renewable resources into manufacturing and green jobs. In 2013, the nonprofit opened the Matter of Trust Eco-Center in the Mission District of San Francisco where they orchestrate programs on the ground.

Prior to Matter of Trust, Lisa served as Assistant Director of International Development and Assistant Treasurer for Valeo – Paris, and has worked for FedEx and Cecchi, Marlow & Massoni CPAs. She has studied breeding of endangered species and zoo management, and currently serves as a board member for the Randall Museum Friends in San Francisco.

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