Alisha Graves

Research Fellow, Summer 2015

Alisha Graves is President of Venture Strategies for Health and Development (VSHD), a California-based nonprofit organization. VSHD aims to help stabilize global population by securing women’s freedom to choose their family size. Alisha is passionate about population stabilization being achievable within a human-rights framework and as an imperative for global sustainability. She believes that girls’ education and voluntary family planning are triple wins for women, development, and our planet.

Alisha is also Co-founder of the OASIS Initiative and lectures internationally on population and food security in the Sahel. OASIS is a project of the University of California, Berkeley and stands for Organizing to Advance Solutions in the Sahel. Its mission is to build the evidence base and local leadership necessary to help overcome the most serious development challenges in the Sahel region of Africa. OASIS is focused on three “pillars” critical for the region: 1) educate and empower adolescent girls, 2) expand access to voluntary family planning, and 3) adapt agricultural practices to climate change.

Previously, Alisha worked for six years as Senior Program Manager for a nonprofit organization to improve access to misoprostol – a generic, essential medicine. In this role, she worked on policy initiatives, drug registration, and operations research across seven countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. The aim of that work was to save women’s lives through preventing postpartum hemorrhage and unsafe abortion. Alisha completed her MPH in International Maternal and Child Health at the University of California, Berkeley's School of Public Health in 2006, and received her bachelor's degree in Psychology from The College of William and Mary.