Alison Mason

Research Fellow 2016

Alison Mason is a mechanical engineer who has dedicated her career to finding solutions to global warming, expanding the use of solar energy, and connecting diverse ideas and initiatives to stimulate action and affect change. She currently works at Spirae, LLC, maker of the Wave platform for management and optimization of distributed energy resources, where she helps energy technology providers, project developers, and utility companies to develop control solutions to enable the integration of up to 100 percent renewable energy sources into large and small power systems.

Prior to joining Spirae, Alison worked on the Commercialization Team at SkyFuel, Inc., a manufacturer of parabolic trough concentrating solar power collectors. There she did extensive modeling of the performance and economics of solar power systems. After taking a solar photovoltaic design and installation course at Solar Energy International (SEI), Alison founded and operated a solar consulting and design business (SunJuice Solar), which installed small-scale solar energy systems.

As Chair of the Fort Collins’ Electric Board from May 2001 to February 2005, Alison drove the creation of Fort Collins’ first energy policy to include a mandate for renewable energy. Working with local environmental non-profit Trees, Water, and People, Alison helped launch a program with the Oglala-Sioux tribe to bring culturally-appropriate, renewable technology to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and at the same time establish a training program and a path to economic opportunity.

Alison is a Fellow of the American Solar Energy Society and received the first Women in Solar Energy award in 2004. She has presented and published numerous papers on various solar energy technologies. Alison completed a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, with a thesis on stratification in solar thermal energy, from Colorado State University. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Materials Science from Rice University.