Ariel Horowitz

Research Fellow, Summer 2015

Ariel Horowitz is an energy and sustainability analyst with a background in energy storage. She focuses on the use of technical knowledge and skills to inform decision-making in the global energy system, with an aim towards increasing access to clean, reliable, affordable energy. Ariel is currently a senior associate at Synapse Energy Economics, where she conducts analytical and research work in the electricity sector on behalf of public-interest clients. Her projects have spanned resource planning, cost-benefit analyses, long-term electricity system modeling, and technical potential assessments, among others.

Ariel graduated in May 2015 with her PhD in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University, where she was the recipient of a Dean's Fellowship and of the Outstanding Academic Scholarship award. Ariel's thesis work was interdisciplinary, drawing on materials science, electrical engineering, and green chemistry. Her research topics have included sustainable materials and process development for energy storage and applications as well as environmental resource management. Ariel is first author of several peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations, having presented her work in venues such as Angewandte Chemie, Green Chemistry, and the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society, where she won a speaker's award.

A native of Pittsburgh, PA, she currently lives in Somerville, MA. Prior to her PhD, Ariel earned her BS in Engineering from Swarthmore College in 2010, where she also studied Chemistry and French.