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Chelsea Petrenko

Research Fellow, Fall 2015

Chelsea Petrenko is an ecosystem ecologist with a focus on forest resources and soil carbon storage. Chelsea’s interests range from understanding the micro-scale dynamics of nutrient cycling in soils, to predicting shifts in ecosystem carbon storage globally.  Her PhD research measured changes in soil carbon storage after clear-cutting forests in the northeastern United States.

Chelsea earned her Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Dartmouth College, where she was also a National Science Foundation Trainee in interdisciplinary science. Her work as a trainee in Polar Environmental Change brought her to Greenland and Antarctica, where she studied carbon cycling in cold environments. Prior to graduate school, Chelsea worked on Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) experiments at Harvard Forest, and completed a BS in Environmental Science and Soil and Watershed Management at the University of New Hampshire.

Research Focus: 
Forest Protection
Specialties: ecosystem ecology, soil carbon storage, forest resources, nutrient cycling in soils, polar environmental change
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