Chirjiv Anand

Research Fellow, 2018-2019

Chirjiv Anand researches the area of sustainable buildings using the life cycle assessment (LCA) approach. Her post-doctoral research at Universite de Sherbrooke, Quebec, focused on, reducing the environmental impact of buildings with emphasis on regionalised impact assessment and regional policies. She also worked on meta-analysis and harmonisation of building impacts data to better understand and utilize the global buildings impact data. Her research also focused on the regional efforts in integration of sustainable development in higher education.

Chirjiv has mentored interns and graduate students and co-authored research with them on critical assessment of LEED V4 buildings certification as well as systematic integration of life cycle assessment in the Civil Engineering curriculum. She recently had the opportunity to serve on the council advisory body, at the City of Mountain View, California, targeting to meet its climate goals, where she specifically worked on projections of, building energy use, greenhouse gas savings, cost implications and developing policy suggestions and, building codes adoption recommendations, to advance the use of renewable energy in buildings.

Chirjiv earned her Ph.D. and M.S. at the University of Toledo. During her Ph.D. she researched the economic and environmental impacts of conventional and alternative sanitation technologies in buildings, using the life cycle assessment approach, to reduce the impacts of using potable water to flush toilets. Her Ph.D. work resulted in development of a calculation framework for an LCA-based model to compare conventional and alternative sanitation options in buildings. Her M.S. research was focused on developing a multi-criteria decision-analysis (MCDA) model for beneficial reuse of industrial by-products in roads. The MCDA model was developed to aid with decision making based on LCA results, in the presence of multiple environmental indicators as well as multiple alternatives to conventional materials. In addition, her M.S. research also looked into development of sustainability indicators for roads.

All of Chirjiv’s research has been published in technical journals and presented at numerous conferences. Chirjiv, prior to her M.S. in Environmental Engineering, received her Bachelor of Technology degree in Civil Engineering from Nagarjuna University in India.