Emilia Jankowska

2021 Senior Fellow, Oceans

Emilia Jankowska, Ph.D. is an oceanographer focusing on marine benthic systems and their functioning under human pressures such as habitat disturbances, climate warming, and microplastic pollution. Her expertise includes organic carbon cycle and sinks, benthic biodiversity, and food web reconstruction with the use of trophic markers. Emilia's Ph.D. project evaluated the effects of seagrass recovery on the functioning of the benthic communities. She was a principal investigator of a research project founded by Polish public sector, a member of two COST (European Association of Science and Technology) working groups - 'Development and implementation of a pan-European Marine Biodiversity Observatory System' and  'Seagrass productivity - from genes to ecosystem management.'  She also participated in projects funded by the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme evaluating climate warming effects in the European Arctic. 

After receiving her Ph.D. she collaborated with NGOs in Malaysia and Indonesia and directly applied conservation practices in mangroves restoration, reducing plastic pollution, and environmental education. For the last year, she worked for the SYSTEMIQ Ltd. in London in a project run together with the PEW Charitable Trust that aimed to develop and provide tools for businesses and policymakers to solve the global marine plastic pollution problem. Emilia led microplastic pollution workstream modeling microplastic pathways and solutions to cut their emissions to the oceans. Currently, she is evolving towards sustainable use of ocean resources.  

Emilia received her Ph.D. at the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences and the University of Gent. Emilia is author of 17 peer-reviewed publications (h-index of 6), and has participated in international conferences and science popularization campaigns.