Erika Boeing

2016 Research Fellow

Erika Boeing is a systems engineer and entrepreneur. She works on a wide variety of projects in an international context, including several new business ventures centered around environmental and energy technologies. At her core, she is a systems thinker, always seeking to understand the bigger-picture implications and connections behind everything she does.

Previously, Erika worked as a systems engineer at DRS Technologies, where she led the design and development of innovative new energy, water, and waste technologies, including a containerized waste-to-energy system for remote environments and a 100-mile-long fluid transportation system. As a result of this work, Erika has one granted patent and two pending patent applications in her name. Following her work at DRS, she received a Fulbright Scholarship to perform research in the Netherlands on the energy rebound effect, specifically investigating how it is perceived and discussed differently in various scholarly and public settings. During her research and coursework in the Netherlands, Erika applied her technical knowledge to advance socially-situated problems, such as climate change and sustainability. Today she works as a sustainability consultant on topics that include sustainability education, analysis, and technology design. Her primary focus currently is on Accelerate Wind, a business that she started to design and commercialize an innovative new rooftop wind energy technology.

Erika has an MA in European Studies on Society, Science, and Technology from Maastricht University, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering.