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Johnnie Chamberlin

2016 Research Fellow

Johnnie Chamberlin has ten years of experience working in environmental science, conservation, and research. While working for the National Audubon Society, he helped plan and implement a range of habitat and water-quality improvement projects that included reforestation, stream and wetland restoration, invasive species removal, and controlled burns. He has performed air and water quality monitoring and environmental data collection, analysis, and QA/QC at numerous environmental disaster sites around the country, including the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Kalamazoo River oil spill, Yellowstone River oil spill, train derailments, and more.

Johnnie has served on multiple city, university, and nonprofit boards and committees to advance the areas of volunteer computing, building community, smart growth, active transportation, and public health. He maintains a blog on trails and transportation and has published two trail guidebooks.

Johnnie recently completed a PhD in Environmental Dynamics and a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability at the University of Arkansas. His PhD research looked at using algae for wastewater treatment and biofuel production. He has a MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Duke University, where his research focused on using UV light and naturally-occurring microbial communities to degrade common Superfund site contaminants. Johnnie has a BA from UC Berkeley.

Research Focus: 
Specialties: environmental and habitat restoration, conservation, water quality, public health, active transportation, wastewater treatment
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