Karan Gupta

Junior Fellow, Summer 2015

Karan Gupta is an energy-efficient design specialist at Build SMART North America. He has worked for several years as a high-performance building consultant, specializing in new construction, building retrofits, energy conservation measures, active energy management strategies, building energy modeling, project design and planning, and financial analysis. Karan previously worked with demand response and high-efficiency residential buildings. 

His professional interests lie at the intersection of community and building-scale development with the aim of achieving net-positive energy and water balances, while creating healthy, safe, comfortable, and pleasant places for people to live, work, and play. Key components of his vision include: passive design principles; renewable, low-energy, non-toxic building materials; on-site generation and water treatment; and holistic planning.

Karan recently received his Master of Environmental Management and Master of Forestry degrees from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. Karan holds a BA in Economics from New York University.