Leena Tähkämö

2016 Research Fellow

Leena Tähkämö is a post-doctoral researcher working on the environmental impacts of artificial light. Her research at Aalto University’s Lighting Unit focuses on the impact of light and lighting products on the environment, including humans, fauna and flora, and whole ecosystems. Using life cycle assessment, Leena has conducted several environmental and economic studies of various types of lamps and luminaries published in scientific journals. Her interest in the environmental impacts of light sources ranges from the climate change due to energy production to the light pollution, or the adverse impacts of artificial light. She is currently working on an Academy of Finland project where she is creating a model for an environmental impact characterization indicator of light pollution.

Leena aims to improve lighting energy efficiency, in large part due to the significant share of electricity that light sources consume. She believes that both lifecycle environmental and economic sustainability should be considered in lighting decision-making processes, yet the quality of light, which affects human wellbeing, should be the main concern.

Leena completed her double doctorate degree (DSc) in Electrical and Illuminating Engineering at Aalto University in Finland and Paul Sabatier University in France. During her doctoral studies, she worked in France collaborating with the LAPLACE laboratory (Laboratory on Plasma and Conversion of Energy) in Toulouse and CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Building) in Grenoble. She received her MSc in Electrical Engineering from Tampere University of Technology in 2007.