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Martina Grecequet

Research Fellow, 2018-2019

Martina Grecequet is originally from the Czech Republic, she is an environmental scientist with interest in interdisciplinary research and collaboration. Martina worked on diverse projects that cover:

  1. climate science (estimating GHG emissions)
  2. nitrogen cycle (assessing a flow of nitrogen in agroecosystem)
  3. integrated assessment modeling
  4. climate change adaptation (analyzing adaptation strategies i.e., human migration)
  5. mitigation and adaptation co-benefits (comparing changes in CO2 emissions and climate vulnerability).

Martina earned her Master and Ph.D. in Environmental Science from Wageningen University in the Netherlands with focus on Environmental Systems Analysis. Before joining the Project Drawdown, she worked as postdoctoral researcher at the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota and at the Earth Institute of the Columbia University. She was active collaborator of the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative of the University of Notre Dame where she co-developed Urban Adaptation Assessment tool funded by Kresge Foundation.

Martina also gained experience from national and international environmental policy, while working as a policy officer at the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. She was helping to chair meetings of the EU Member States during the 2009 Czech Presidency in European Union.

Research Focus: 
Environmental Systems Analysis
Specialties: environmental science; national and international environmental policy
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