Renilde Becqué

Research Fellow, Spring 2015

Renilde Becqué is an experienced international sustainability professional. She's compelled by integrated systems thinking, and by diving into the narrative and business case for transformative change toward sustainable development. Currently, Renilde is freelancing for several international nonprofits and NGOs, after having spent the past several years living and working in the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, Beijing/China, and Hong Kong), where she consulted with private consultancy firms.

Renilde has worked in a broad range of countries worldwide on projects covering analysis and implementation of environmental sustainability, climate and energy-related issues and solutions, environmental planning and management, and integrated urban development.

She holds an MSc in Engineering (1999), focusing on integrated urban development and socio-economic issues in developing countries. She is a LEED AP (2008), and is currently pursuing an MBA in Innovation, Enterprise and Circular Economy at the University of Bradford, with a focus on innovative business and economic models for sustainable development.