Urmila Malvadkar

Research Fellow, Summer and Fall 2015

Urmila Malvadkar does research and modeling in the environmental sciences with an emphasis on water, conservation, and international development. Her passion is social and environmental justice: how to meet human needs as well as ecosystem needs. As an applied mathematician with a strong interest in effective social programs, she uses data analysis and modeling and to determine best practices, improve operations, and predict sustainability.

Urmila’s PhD work focused on ecological modeling, and since then her research has covered many environmental issues, including placement of dams and water intakes, managing populations under disturbance, water issues in the developing world, and the size of effective protected areas. She received her PhD in Applied and Computational Mathematics, with a focus on Mathematical Biology, from Princeton University. She also received her master's in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Princeton University, and received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Environmental Science from Vanderbilt University.