Victor Maxwell

Research Fellow 2016 and Junior Fellow Fall 2015

Victor Maxwell is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland Business School where he is investigating technical evolution in socio-economic systems and specifically volatility effects in decentralized renewable energy based economies. Before beginning his PhD studies, Victor worked for the Patagonia Sur Foundation in Chaitén, a town in the northern part of Chilean Patagonia. In this role, he facilitated educational workshops and developed sustainability initiatives with the local community. These included a reforestation plan for areas that have suffered from volcanic eruptions and a pilot project for cold climate biogas digesters.

Prior to Patagonia Sur Foundation, Victor completed a Master’s of Science program in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management, where he focused on connecting renewable energy systems with community development. During this time, he worked on a variety of projects, including a household biogas digester initiative in rural South Africa, and a project to integrate wind energy and electric vehicles into a smart grid system on an island in Denmark. Prior to this, Victor worked on nuclear and particle physics experiments, part of which took place at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland. He was also involved in physics and mathematics education research, and worked as a teacher for high school and college level students. Additionally, he organized science education events in conjunction with the Miami Museum of Science.

Victor completed his Master’s of Science degree in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management at Aalborg University in Denmark, and completed his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Physics at Florida International University.