Zak Accuardi

Research Fellow, Spring 2015

Zak Accuardi works to improve public transportation policy and practice with TransitCenter, a foundation dedicated to urban mobility. Zak applies mixed-methods, subject-matter appropriate research to strategically address key challenges faced by practitioners. He led the research for and co-authored "Private Mobility, Public Interest: How Public Agencies Can Work With Emerging Mobility Providers", a report written for transportation policy makers grappling with rapid technological change.

Zak has a background in urban sustainability policy and has consulted on the topic for The World Bank. He has a Master of Science in Technology and Policy from MIT, where his research focused on the intersection of urban planning, climate change mitigation, and international development. Zak studied Earth and Environmental Engineering at Columbia University, where he also led efforts to build networks of environmental organizations on campus and across the New York City area.