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Research Opportunities

The Project Drawdown Fellowship is an international cohort of climate leaders working to identify the most effective solutions to solve global warming.


"It is a privilege and honor to participate in one of the most important projects of our time and be able to be in regular contact with some of the world's brightest and committed climate change solutions researchers -- the Project Drawdown Fellows."

- Kevin Bayuk, Senior Fellow - Financial Analysis

Project Drawdown brings together a community of passionate researchers working to help achieve the shared goal of reversing global warming. Located around the world, our researchers work remotely to incorporate new research and data into models that demonstrate progress towards drawdown.

To ensure research remains meaningful and useful, all data must be monitored, refreshed, and updated on a regular basis. As costs fluctuate, performance varies, measurements improve, and technologies become more efficient, new information enriches our understanding of the potential impacts of solutions.

In parallel, new metrics for evaluating solutions are being developed to incorporate accelerators and enablers of adoption, and applied to social, economic, and ecological indicators most relevant to decision-makers. 

Research Analyst Opening - Oceans


Project Drawdown is currently recruiting for 1-2 research analysts to work remotely on our Oceans project. This role requires a master's degree, but not a Ph.D.  The research analysts will contribute to creating an oceans data model, integrating the results from the oceans model into various types of communications, and regularly updating the model with the latest data and research.

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Senior Fellowship Opening - Circular Economy


Project Drawdown is currently recruiting for a Senior Fellow specializing in the Circular Economy, Materials and Waste. Senior Fellows work remotely as part of an interdisciplinary team that leads research, analysis, and modeling of Project Drawdown solutions. This subject matter expert will oversee work conducted by Research Fellows and represent Project Drawdown as the principal point-of-contact for the Circular Economy.

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