Video  |  July 18, 2022

Greening 401(k)s: Drawdown-aligned investments & finance


This webinar provides information on 401(k) climate-risk management, retirement fund transparency for employees, and outlines clear steps that human resources and sustainability professionals can take to offer climate-safe employee retirement funds.

The format is a short presentation, panel discussion, and then summary of key actions. This webinar is a Part 1 of a two-part series on Drawdown-Aligned Business, Investments and Finance. Part 2, Decarbonizing Corporate Cash, is available here.


Andrew Behar is CEO of As You Sow, the nation’s leading non-profit practitioner of shareholder advocacy and engagement. With a 30-year track record of success, As You Sow advances values-aligned investing and uses shareholder power to compel companies to reduce material risk on issues including climate change; toxins in the food system; ocean plastics; diversity, equity, and inclusion; racial justice; and wage equity.

Mary Cerulli is founder of Climate Finance Action. She has 20+ years of experience in the investment management industry. CFA researches and decodes financial information to empower advocates to wage smart effective campaigns to push the financial sector to address the climate crisis.

Regina LaRocque is an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. She is a faculty member of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her clinical and research interests are in infectious diseases, environmental health and travel medicine. Working together with Climate Finance Action, Regina, has been integral in advocating for climate-safe retirement at Mass General Brigham. 

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