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Designers vs. Climate Change: Leading architects, designers, and urban planners are devising plans to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Book Review of Drawdown: "This beautiful book shows the astounding range of climate solutions now available."

Drawdown: Europe Takes a New Perspective on Climate Protection

Silvopasture is at the Center of International Efforts to Address Climate Change

California Global Studies Project

Kit Seeborg

Kit is the Communications Manager for Project Drawdown where she focuses on communications, content, and social media. Kit's extensive work in digital communications includes work in higher education, the scientific community, startups, corporations, and non-profits. Prior to joining Project Drawdown, Kit managed communications and digital outreach for climate research institutes and the ‘Learn More About Climate’ program at University of Colorado, Boulder.  

Kit was the community editor for SlideShare, and then LinkedIn from 2010 to 2013, where she curated presentations, wrote and edited the blog, and managed its social channels.  She is the co-author of the book “Present Yourself: Growing Your Business With SlideShare,” published by O’Reilly Media, 2013.

Kit has organized and spoken at numerous conferences and has served as an advisory board member for South by Southwest ECO and WebVisions. Her video production work has been recognized by The White House Office of Science and Technology and her photos have appeared in United Nations publications about the effects of climate change on glaciers in Outer Mongolia.  She served on the editorial team for and has written for numerous publications in the digital and sustainability spaces. 

Drawdown Staff

Catherine Foster

Catherine Foster is the Research Program Coordinator at Project Drawdown and supports the Fellowship program and Research Coalition. She is passionate about collaborative initiatives and has a background in community engagement and environmental stewardship. Prior to Project Drawdown, Catherine worked as a Community Engagement Manager at Our City Forest, supporting the City of San Jose’s Green Vision Goals and the County of Santa Clara’s Climate Action Plan. While completing her graduate degree, she interned with Seattle Public Utilities’ Environmental Partnerships Team as a Volunteer Coordinator for the Adopt A Street program. Catherine is also an AmeriCorps alumna and previously completed two terms of service in California and Washington. Catherine holds an M.P.A from the University of Washington with a specialization in Environmental Policy and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  

Drawdown Staff

Levi Strauss Collaboratory

U.S. Food Waste Summit

Justin Schwartz

Drawdown Advisors


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