Project Drawdown welcomes collaboration with a wide variety of organizations, institutions and communities. Our collaborations are focused on specific initiatives that promote broad public education and engagement around the Drawdown framework.

Research Collaborators

As a collaborative effort built on the principles of collective impact, Project Drawdown is bringing together a Global Research Collaborative to assemble, develop, evaluate, and disseminate the work we produce together. Project Drawdown acts as the steward of this collective impact by aggregating, incorporating, and making widely available shared research, data, and lessons of what works and what does not where climate solutions are concerned.

  • Drawdown Europe
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • National Council for Science and the Environment
  • Georgia Drawdown

Public Engagement Collaborators

Sharing the results and opportunities of Project Drawdown’s research with the public is one of our key aims. Public engagement involves both sharing and receiving feedback in a two-way process, with the goal of strengthening Project Drawdown’s research and advancing climate solutions. 


With an impact framework based on Project Drawdown's list of evidence-based climate solutions, Climate.Careers helps people find high-impact jobs at organizations advancing climate solutions, research, policy, education, and advocacy for climate action.

Drawdown Ecochallenge is a 21-day engagement program created by our partner that helps individuals learn about Drawdown solutions and contribute to reversing global warming through individual and team actions.

Drawdown Ecochallenge provides tools and inspiration to turn intention into action, and gives participants a fun and social way to think about and act on proven solutions to reverse global warming. Over eighty actions within seven challenge categories provide participants with diverse options to reduce their carbon footprint, and to see their impact add up in real time.

Global Cooling Prize

Based on Project Drawdown’s findings that improving refrigerant management is a key solution to climate change, the Global Cooling Challenge aims to transform the global air-conditioning market and providing affordable access to billions of people around the world, all while avoiding contributing to runaway climate change.

Omega Institute for Sustainable Living

The Drawdown Learn Conference, hosted by our partner Omega Institute, brings together members of Project Drawdown’s team, educators, curriculum developers, students, librarians, community groups, researchers, local officials, and other interested parties to share their experiences and ideas about integrating Drawdown into teaching and learning.

Pachamama Alliance

Based on Drawdown, Pachamama Alliance has created a series of workshops to support people in taking action to reverse global warming in their local communities.

Solutions Journalism Network

The Solutions Journalism Network offers robust teaching resources to engage high school and college students in creative and critical thinking about solutions to the climate crisis. 

The Climate Solutions Teaching Collections provide educators with material that is easy to access and integrate into courses across disciplines, and that shifts the focus from climate doom and gloom to climate solutions. 

Each Climate Solutions Teaching Collection includes:

  • three or more solutions journalism stories, published by reputable news outlets and curated for educators; 
  • six to eight discussion questions aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy of cognition to “help teachers teach and students learn;” 
  • robust teaching notes so educators across disciplines can easily integrate solutions-focused climate education into their courses;
  • a copy and customize feature for educators to adapt each collection to align with their course learning outcomes.

The National Council for Science and the Environment

NCSE is adapting Drawdown into curricula templates for use by faculty and administrators in higher education. This joint fellowship initiative will make Project Drawdown’s work even more accessible and enable its integration into more courses and classrooms.