Drawdown Communities

Drawdown Communities guides local collective action to scale adoption of Project Drawdown solutions in a way that values the well-being of all people and nature.

Launched in June 2021, Drawdown Communities seeks to produce informational programming and guides to fill a resource gap in today’s climate work — informing, inspiring, and empowering local constituencies in communities across the United States. More broadly, we aim to help climate-conscious voters, taxpayers, and consumers to take collective action, and influence policymakers, corporations, and others to accelerate Project Drawdown solutions in their area.

Drawdown Communities builds on Project Drawdown’s global framework and assessment and analysis of climate solutions by defining and describing solutions and defining levels of agency, leverage points, and enabling environments that are key to scaling each solution. We also suggest ways communities can identify concrete, collective actions to help adopt and scale climate solutions.

An essential element of Drawdown Communities is a focus on environmental justice as part of scaling Project Drawdown solutions, incorporating avoidance of harm and community restoration. A guiding principle of this program is ensuring that urgency (around addressing the climate crisis and scaling climate solutions) does not sacrifice any group of people. In addition, this program will highlight the ways in which climate solutions can contribute to restoring communities harmed by causes of climate change, and benefits of climate solutions beyond drawdown of greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere.