Drawdown Learn

Drawdown Learn™ is a broad initiative to encourage education and learning about climate solutions based on Project Drawdown’s research, analysis, and insights.

Through our programs and partnerships, we are helping educators and students of all ages to understand the solutions available to address the climate crisis and create new ways of teaching and learning about Drawdown solutions.

Teachers Network

The Project Drawdown Teachers Network is an online community of connected educators who are teaching climate solutions in K-12 schools, colleges and universities using Project Drawdown’s research and analysis as a resource. If you are a classroom teacher in any discipline, and you are using or considering using Drawdown in your curriculum or course, you are invited to connect, share, and collaborate with other professional educators.

Learn more by downloading our Getting Started Guide (PDF).

Drawdown On-Line Classes

Drawdown Learn introduces a new series of webinars taught by Project Drawdown Executive Director Dr. Jonathan Foley. As a renowned climate scientist and former university professor, Dr. Foley provides a framework for understanding the spectrum of proven climate solutions that are currently being implemented in the world today.

Classes will include:

  • An Introduction to the Science Behind Climate
  • Taking Personal Actions on Climate Change
  • The Global Food System and Climate Change

Drawdown Action Guides

These new guides help individuals and communities to take action on Drawdown solutions. Explore impactful actions you can take to help the world reach drawdown through your everyday lifestyle choices. Discover how you can multiply your impact for a climate-safe future.