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Senior Fellows

We are currently recruiting for positions to join our team of Senior Fellows.


"Shaping the technical and financial analysis behind Drawdown solutions is an amazing experience with lasting implications for how we solve one of the most pressing challenges of today."

- Marilyn Waite, former Senior Fellow - Energy Systems


"Project Drawdown has provided me a great platform to learn and contribute with some of the best professionals working on global warming solutions."
- Mamta Mehra Senior Fellow - Land Use Modeling

Senior Fellows are systems thinkers, experts in their field, and Drawdown Ambassadors to the world.

Senior Fellows work as part of a multidisciplinary team of researchers that will oversee the continued development of Project Drawdown’s innovative research, analysis, and modeling of solutions to reverse global warming. They work collaboratively to oversee the augmentation of our research, to supervise additional data collection and methodological development, and to refine and integrate solution models as part of the drawdown system.

Senior Fellows will also work on developing the second phase of Project Drawdown’s research, which incorporates contextual boundaries, accelerators/ enablers, and maps technologies and practices to other economic outcomes (e.g. health and well-being, ecosystem services, jobs, GDP, etc.)


Project Drawdown is currently recruiting for the following position:

Senior Fellow, Materials and Waste

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The Drawdown Oceans Program aims to further global understanding of the potential for marine solutions and drive investment and implementation in this crucial area.

MARINE PERMACULTURE is a solution that restores marine life in subtropical waters with thousands of new kelp forests, with the potential to greatly contribute to drawing down carbon. Learn more.

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