Feature  |  May 23, 2023

7 meaningful climate actions for small and medium-sized businesses

by Aiyana Bodi


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Brooke Cagle | Unsplash

It’s time to elevate and expand corporate sustainability from the often siloed, underresourced work of small sustainability teams to the work of every team—harnessing the passion and expertise that every employee has to advance climate action.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) especially have a unique opportunity to engage their entire organizations. That's because their flexible and innovative natures can orchestrate cross-functional sustainability strategies much more easily than a large corporation.

SMBs can leverage their existing employee responsibilities and knowledge to create meaningful impact—without exhausting already limited time and resources. Every business function can help make a difference:

Finance: Make sure you’re banking with a bank that is fossil fuel-free.

Government Relations and Public Policy: Keep up-to-date with local legislation and voice your support.

Human Resources and Operations: Provide your employees with climate-friendly 401(k)s.

Legal: When you work with external counsel, choose climate-committed law firms.

Marketing: Nudge your customers to take their own climate action.

Procurement: Give preference to sustainable suppliers. 

Sales: Integrate climate action into your sales models.

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