DRAWDOWN: The point at which greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begin to decline.


Project Drawdown is developing a book, open-source database, and digital platform describing how one hundred solutions deployed at scale can alter the composition of our atmosphere and help forge a path toward temperature decline.

We are creating a detailed, impeccably researched description of “state-of-the-shelf” solutions that are currently in use and the impact they will have within thirty years. This carefully vetted, comprehensive list include technological solutions such as renewable energy and energy efficiency measures; social solutions that require behavior change like lowering consumption of material goods and limiting population growth; and ecological solutions that restore carbon in soils and plants by bio-sequestering CO2.

This list represents “no regrets” initiatives, solutions that should be implemented whether or not the threat of climate change existed. These are solutions that improve lives, protect the environment, and mitigate climate change.

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Drawdown, the book, will describe how 100 solutions, when deployed at scale, can lead us to climate drawdown, the point at which greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere begin to decline on a year-to-year basis. The goal of the book is to introduce solutions, provide the original data that underpin them, and show readers what is possible in a format that is accessible, interesting, and compelling. It will be the first book that describes the full gamut of substantive solutions, both technical and social.

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The scholars, students, journalists, entrepreneurs, non-profits, politicians, activists, philanthropists, and universities that make up our coalition collaborate to create and disseminate our research and message around the world. By inviting more people to participate, we make sure all perspectives are included in our work and we increase our impact.

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In January, please join us online for the latest Speaker Series talk with Buckminster Fuller Institute's David McConville and Regenesis Group's Ben Haggard.

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