The point at which greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begin to decline.


Project Drawdown is a book, a digital platform, and database about how we are and can reduce carbon in the atmosphere over the next thirty years. Detailing and measuring technologies that are already available, Drawdown describes the beneficial financial, social and environmental impact state-of-the-shelf solutions can deliver. By scaling existing solutions, we can mitigate and functionally reverse the build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.



Founded by Paul Hawken and Amanda Ravenhill, Project Drawdown is the hub of our coalition. Find out about our organization, mission, team, and board of advisors.

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The Book

Drawdown describes how a hundred 'state-of-the shelf' solutions deployed at scale can alter the composition of our atmosphere and help forge a path toward temperature decline.

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Our Coalition

Our Coalition is at the heart of what we do. There are many ways you can join us. Come and be part of the turning point.

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