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Pedro Diniz

Founder, Fazenda da Toca and Instituto Toca

Pedro Diniz is an agroforester, businessman, and former Formula 1 racing driver. Pedro transformed his family farm into Fazenda da Toca, a large-scale organic farm in Brazil’s São Paulo state, and one of the country’s leading producers of organic eggs, dairy, and fruit. The farm makes use of agroforestry methods to grow a variety of trees that help to balance required biomass production with the nutritional needs of crops and animals. Pedro looks at Fazenda da Toca as a replicable model for large-scale egg, dairy, and fruit production using ecological methods.  He is hopeful that through large-scale organic and biodynamic production of healthy plant and animal products, the farm will become a catalyst for sound rural development and environmental regeneration in Brazil and beyond.

Through the farm, Pedro established the Instituto Toca, a non-profit school and research initiative that aims to “educate to transform” by providing direct instruction on sustainability to students in the local municipality.

Pedro serves as a Board Member and Shareholder for Peninsula Participações. He also served as a Board Member for Grupo Pão de Açúcar for ten years. He is the founder of PPD Holding, an investment company focused on conscious investments.

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