Drawdown Labs

A consortium of visionary private sector partners working to go beyond ‘net zero’ to scale climate solutions in the world, within and outside their own operations

Drawdown Labs is a testing ground for how the private sector can go beyond ‘net zero’ to help the world achieve Drawdown quickly, safely and equitably.

Leveraging world-class research and analysis from Project Drawdown and cross-industry capabilities of participating businesses, Drawdown Labs will offer the world powerful new ways to scale climate solutions within and outside their own operations, and address the climate crisis at unprecedented scale. Alongside a cross-sectoral group of companies, climate-focused businesses, funders and the global design firm IDEO, Drawdown Labs will go beyond the traditional “doing less harm” approach to emissions reductions to one that brings their resources, influence, employees and customers in to help solve the problem.

Scaling Climate Solutions

To be a leader in the 21st century, it is no longer enough to do “less harm” over time; we need businesses to look far beyond reducing their own operational footprint and commit to achieving bigger emissions reductions in the broader world. Leading businesses can help shape the larger world around them, working with communities, customers, employees, and the rest of society, bringing new tools to bear in addressing the climate crisis.

Drawdown Labs will work to advance the next level of business leadership on climate solutions. Together, our impact will reach far beyond the operational footprints of individual companies and offer the broader world powerful, new ways to address climate change at unprecedented scale.

Our Partners

Read more from our partners in our press release.


Build The Future

Taken together, the Drawdown solutions offer the world a powerful vision for a climate-safe future. Working alongside cross-sector business partners, we build roadmaps to implement these solutions at scale, supported by world class research and design. Along the way, we identify levers that businesses can pull to bring solutions to life, and barriers that need to be removed to do so.

Activate Employees

We nurture a collective of climate-concerned employees and customers across companies and sectors. We support climate leadership and engagement of workers across the business, expanding the capacity and skillsets of formal sustainability teams to help everyone bring their climate passion to work. We share the journey and impact of these employees through data-driven and emotive stories and connect them across sectors of society.

Climate Cultural Bauhaus

We create and curate engaging audio & visual content to share stories of the people inside companies that are inspiring, building, and accelerating climate action, and create hooks for others to see themselves in this vision. We bridge the inside/outside strategy between those working inside companies and those marching outside in the street to enable everyone to see themselves as part of the same movement.

Drawdown Labs will focus on several key areas:


Working collaboratively, Drawdown Labs will develop new approaches and strategies for businesses to advance climate solutions in the broader world. Drawing upon the expertise of Project Drawdown and the member companies, Drawdown Labs will explore new approaches to address climate change at scale — across sectors, geographies, and levels of agency.


Drawdown Labs will tap the considerable technical expertise of Project Drawdown’s staff, academic collaborators, and advisors to help guide the development and deployment of effective climate solutions. With unique experience ranging across multiple sectors – including electricity, food & agriculture, industry, transportation, buildings, and natural climate solutions– Project Drawdown is the world’s leading “go-to place” for in-depth knowledge about hundreds of potential climate actions. As a non-partisan, non-commercial entity, Project Drawdown is a trusted source, and can be counted on to give unbiased, evidence-based advice.


Drawdown Labs will develop new, collaborative tools needed to analyze, assess, and deploy climate solutions. Project Drawdown already has detailed datasets and models for dozens of different climate solutions worldwide, outlining their greenhouse gas and financial performance, and we will work to adapt them for different settings and stakeholders. We will also develop new tools that enhance collaboration, communication, and engagement around the world to deploy climate solutions.


As the world’s leading resource for climate solutions, Project Drawdown offers custom programs to help engage business leaders, employees, customers, and other stakeholders in this crucial work. Already, Project Drawdown is developing engagement programs and a series of new classes, webinars, and multi-media packages that can be tailored to multiple audiences. As a trusted voice for climate solutions, Project Drawdown adds transparency, legitimacy, and know-how to these conversations.

A Broader Voice

Working together, Drawdown Labs will create a powerful “bully pulpit” for advancing important topics and conversations around climate solutions. The combined voice and leadership of Drawdown Labs members can help encourage governments, communities, and other businesses to accelerate the deployment of climate solutions, and the transition to a climate-safe world.

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