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Do you want to discover your role in stopping catastrophic climate change? Drawdown’s Neighborhood, presented by Project Drawdown, is a series of short documentaries featuring the stories of climate solutions heroes, city by city.

Join host and Project Drawdown storyteller Matt Scott on a journey to "pass the mic" to climate heroes whose action-focused stories often go unheard and elevate climate action. Drawdown's Neighborhood showcases the diverse community working to help the world reach drawdown, the future point when greenhouse gas levels start to decline steadily. Each story in the Drawdown's Neighborhood series connects climate solutions with everyday people looking to tap into their superpowers to stop climate change. Hear their voices, learn about their "green careers," and find inspiration for how you can utilize your unique talents to accelerate climate solutions and center justice no matter where you live.

New Orleans is more than a city rich in culture; it is a place of resilience, where people live and are on the frontlines of climate change impacts like hurricanes, oil drilling disasters, and shrinking coastlines due to sea level rise. It is also home to a diverse network of people and organizations working on climate solutions. Often, the communities most immediately and severely affected by climate change—including Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color—are excluded from dialogues about solutions. Drawdown's Neighborhood: New Orleans features the stories of eight change-makers building momentum to drawdown emissions and create a healthier, more just future for all.

This series features the city of New Orleans, located on the ancestral, traditional, and contemporary Native lands of Choctaw, Houma, Chitimacha, Biloxi, Black Masking Mardi Gras Indians, and other culture bearers. New Orleans' economy, celebration culture, music, masking, baby dolls, second lines, arts, religion, and cuisines have been deeply influenced and shaped by vibrant and diverse cultural histories and traditions. Honoring Indigenous and Black struggles, ancestral ways, and traditional ecological knowledge is essential to pursuing just climate solutions. Much of New Orleans' history is shared orally and not necessarily documented; powerful and culturally significant stories of resistance, repair, strength, healing, and solidarity can serve as a solution blueprint for future generations. 

Watch and share this short documentary series, created by the Drawdown Stories team in collaboration with adventure filmmakers Erik Douds and Andrea Willingham. Interested in leveling up your climate journey? We encourage you to discover solutions and aspects of your climate story using the discussion questions and resources accompanying each film, developed in collaboration with Jothsna Harris of Change Narrative.

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