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Do you want to discover your role in stopping catastrophic climate change? Drawdown’s Neighborhood, presented by Project Drawdown, is a series of short documentaries featuring the stories of climate solutions heroes, city by city.

Join host and Project Drawdown storyteller Matt Scott on a journey to “pass the mic” to climate heroes whose stories often go unheard, and elevate climate action in the process. Drawdown’s Neighborhood showcases the diverse community of people working to help the world reach drawdown, the future point when levels of greenhouse gases start to steadily decline. Each story in the Drawdown’s Neighborhood series serves as a bridge between climate solutions and everyday people who are looking to tap into their own superpowers to stop climate change. Hear their voices, learn about their “green careers,” and be inspired about the many ways that you too can utilize your unique gifts and talents to accelerate climate solutions and be part of shaping a better world and just future for all.

This series features Minnesota’s Twin Cities, located on the ancestral, traditional, and contemporary Native lands of the Dakota and Anishinaabe People. The Twin Cities is known for its vibrant arts scene, rich cultural diversity, and natural beauty; with dozens of trails, and parks, it is an iconic part of the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and waterways, including the headwaters of the Mississippi River. Minnesotans pride themselves in embracing the elements of all four seasons, whether in the deepest cold of winter or the abundance of the summer growing season. The Twin Cities is also home to a robust ecosystem of people and organizations working on climate solutions. “Drawdown’s Neighborhood: Twin Cities” features nine stories from change makers across the metro area who are building momentum to draw down greenhouse emissions and create a healthy, just, and vibrant future for all.

We invite you to watch and share this short documentary series, created in collaboration with adventure filmmakers Erik Douds and Andrea Willingham. In addition, we encourage you to discover solutions and take action using the discussion questions and resources accompanying each film, developed in collaboration with Jothsna Harris of Change Narrative.

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