Perspective  |  December 12, 2022

We need to move faster on climate. Here’s how.

by Jonathan Foley


Runners symbolizing need for fast climate change solutions
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These are exciting times for those of us working to put the brakes on climate change. We have been saying it for years—it’s both possible and necessary to stem the flow of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere—and climate solutions are finally starting to get the attention they deserve.

Renewables are overtaking fossil fuels as the energy source of choice. Lawmakers are recognizing and responding to the urgent need to apply resources to stabilizing our climate. Around the world, we’re seeing an uptick in adoption of virtually every one of Project Drawdown’s climate solutions.
But is this enough? With atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations now over 420 parts per million, our window of opportunity is starting to close. To avoid climate catastrophe, we need to head in the right direction as quickly, efficiently, and equitably as we can. And that means being strategic about every bit of time, energy, and funding we put into adopting climate solutions.
To that end, Project Drawdown is embarking on a bold new three-pronged vision over the next three years.
First, we are accelerating the deployment of climate solutions by setting science-based priorities for climate action—across sectors, timescales, and geographies—to make more rapid and efficient progress. In addition, we are identifying powerful co-benefits of climate solutions—to improve health, well-being, and equity—that can accelerate and enhance action. And we are considering multiple levers to scale climate solutions—including changes in policy, capital flows, business models, technology, and behavior.

Second, we are accelerating new leadership by connecting changemakers—business leaders, investors, philanthropists, development officials, and more—with science-derived strategies to ensure climate solutions scale as quickly and equitably as possible.

Third, we are accelerating new conversations, “passing the mic” to climate heroes who often go unheard and shifting the focus from problems to solutions and from doom and gloom to opportunity and possibility. And we’re drilling home the idea that everyone stands to benefit from drawdown—and everyone has a vital part to play in achieving it.
We’re proud of the contributions we’ve made to solving climate change by identifying what the world needs to do. Our job now is to delineate how best to do it so we can achieve the change needed in the time allowed.

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