Drawdown Stories

Drawdown Stories identifies and produces multimedia stories as a bridge between the science and solutions of Project Drawdown and the people looking for their own roles in the climate solutions space. 

Discover solutions and take action

Drawdown Stories provides an entryway for a diverse range of audiences by providing tangible examples of how climate solutions are being implemented today. Our work showcases the various people in climate careers that help make drawdown possible. The guiding principle of Drawdown Stories is “Climate Solutions in Color.” Through Climate Solutions in Color, we work to “pass the mic” to the climate heroes who often go unheard.

We recognize that, often, the communities most immediately and severely affected by climate change are often excluded from the dialogue about solutions. This includes Black people, Indigenous peoples, and people of color across America, who are far more likely to live in areas with polluted air and water, less greenspace, and more vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, including extreme heat, droughts, wildfire and more. Climate Solutions in Color calls for our storytelling to prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, surfacing underrepresented voices and welcoming traditionally marginalized communities to make the most of climate solutions.

Drawdown Stories has launched with two storytelling initiatives: Drawdown’s Neighborhood and Project Drawdown Dialogues.


Alexis Cromer

Do you want to discover your role in stopping catastrophic climate change? Drawdown’s Neighborhood, presented by Project Drawdown, is a series of short documentaries featuring the stories of climate solutions heroes, city-by-city.

Join host and Project Drawdown storyteller Matt Scott on a journey to “pass the mic” to climate heroes whose stories often go unheard, and elevate climate action in the process. Drawdown’s Neighborhood showcases the diverse community of people working to help the world reach drawdown, the future point when levels of greenhouse gasses start to steadily decline. Each story serves as a bridge between climate solutions and people like you looking to tap into their own superpowers to stop climate change. Watch to hear their voices, learn about their “green careers,” and be inspired about the ways that you too, can utilize your unique gifts and talents to accelerate climate solutions and be part of shaping a better world and just future for all.

Jocelyn Tsai, Tony Lee, Caesare Assad

Project Drawdown Dialogues—an upcoming webinar series hosted by Matt Scott—brings climate solutions to vibrant life. Dive into the best solutions we have in-hand today through conversations with people focused on a safer climate future.

Join youth and climate-focused professionals as they share their stories and perspectives—inspiring others who want to follow in their footsteps or carve their own path. Each dialogue features a themed discussion and a diversity of voices working to reach drawdown as quickly, as safely, and as equitably as possible.

While you wait for our 2022 Project Drawdown Dialogue webinars to launch, watch the Project Drawdown Dialogues we hosted in Fall 2021 and join the Drawdown Stories network to be the first to know how to join the next Dialogues.

Matt Scott

One of the most important things you can do about climate change is talk about it. Having conversations with your classroom or school, corporation or community group enables community members to explore climate solutions – and the power they can have where they are. Invite Matt Scott and Drawdown Stories to present as part of a talk, workshop, or event for your community, and introduce your community to Project Drawdown and what they can do to help end climate change.